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DivineWDS can also be used to protect the piping system in individual house, farm house or weekend homes, Piping system, solar heater, washing machine, pools and Jacuzzi, rain showers if you find that soap and shampoo don’t lather well, dishes have spots, the bathtub has a ring, laundry looks dingy, and the coffee maker has scale deposits, your home probably has a hard water problem.

Hard water and scaling are major problems for the industry. Industrial descales remove limescale, calcium and mineral deposits, rust and more from HVAC and process manufacturing equipment. DivineWDS is an electronic descaling system that is installed on the waterline. It does not require cutting into the pipe and is non-invasive.now we are offering customized descaling solutions for your business

Divine industry is manufacturing electronics water descaling system, the brand divineWDS descales soft water,it is water softener for Agriculture and we give 6-month money-back guarantee if 'No' result is found in our device. With a 5 * year manufacturer warranty. This is because of the successful results of our device in all applications. We do not removes the minerals from the water. DivineWDS only changes its structure in order to prevent scale formation.

Divinewds is a leading-edge commercial and industrial water treatment equipment manufacturer. We design and manufacture commercial and industrial water treatment systems for Commercial buildings, Residential societies, High rise buildings, Hotels and Restaurants, Clubs, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Educational institutions and schools and other higher volume water users needing high-quality water


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