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India is the country of farmers, 118.7 million population of the country is farmer . Hard water is one of the biggest issue faced by a farmer.(which is discussed below) :-

Effect of Hard water on Plants


Plants do need water and minerals to grow but high level of minerals devolve in it such as calcium and magnesium salt damages the crop. Although there is no direct effect of hard water on plant but the high amount of minerals dissolved in water limits the ability of the plant to absorb the water. The salts in Hard Water may scale collects on leaves and, slowing down photosynthesis and nutrient intake. Also because of hard water the plant requires more fertilizer.

Effect of Hard water on Appliances


Hard water does an adverse effect on Pipes, Farm Equipment which eventually effects the pocket of farmers.

The solution to all these problem is to invest in a high quality Water descaling system , DivineWDS is the best quality Water descaling system you can invest in. The reason to this is our micro processor based technology which gives out the best quality water you can have for your crops and achieve a healthy yield. And it is pocket friendly too.

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