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The DivineWDS can be used in several ways,like Laundry, Office building ,RO etc . Few other are mentioned below :

  • Hard water cannot clean dishes, cloths, properly plus it forms scaling in the machines which results in the dysfunction of it and increase in cost to repair it. Hence quality water can extend the equipment of the machine.
  • Soft water increase the elasticity and plasticity of the concrete which gives strength and make your House/Buildings/Offices etc last longer.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you wash your car/vehicle , after drying a bit it again looks dirty ? Does it has some water marks ? hard water can be the reason for it. It deposits on the surface of your vehicle and makes it look unwashed and soft water can solve your this problem .Since it don't have excess amount of minerals in it ,it don't deposit on the surface, making it look clean. DivineWDS solves all that problems for you, water from DivineWDS is an alkaline soft water which which doesn't let minerals deposit on your vehicle.
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