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Use of hard water for a long period of time cause blockage of pipelines . Their's no reported health issue caused by hard water but it does causes rough skin and and hair fall.

Effect on Health: As mentioned before their's no reported health effect related to the use of hard water But their are some side effects of useng hard water. We all want a smooth and flowless skin, we do many efforts to acheive that but what we dont know is use of hard water can cause skin irritaion and Eczema. We all definately love our hairs ,it defines you ,having a healthy looking hair can enhance the way you look.Do you know hard water leades to hair roughness and frizzness,lead to breakage, dryness and thinning of hair,destroy your hair follicles ,dandruff and eventually leads to hairfall and permanent balding. Also in some cases bumpy patches on the skin and nails damage have been registered. The cure to these issues is to invest in good quality water descaling system and what is better than DivneWDS's water desaling system. It do not let the soap scum to deposit on skin and cleans properly hence leading to a fresh clean skin.

Effect on Cloths : Soaps and detergent don't work on hard water leading to the cloths not beens washed properly and eventually make the cloths look dirty. This is because minerals like calcium and magnesium prevent water from mixing with detergent to form a solution.Resulting the cloths not been washed properly. Deposite of soap scum and mineral residue also makes your favourite outfits colour to fade away and formstion of redish brown stain on the cloth that is because of the presence of iron in the water. Hard water also effct of how the cloths feels to your skin . Hard water residue deposites in the cloths making it feel rough and literally hard. Solution? DivineWDS wate descaling system it does not let the mineral residiue deposite on the cloths

Effect on Appliences: When you boil (Hard)water in a vessel or boiler you may have seen a white ring forming on the corners that is called as scaling . The deposition of minerals such as calcium, magnesiam and silica on a surface is called scaling. The scale deposition on home appliences such as water heater, coffee maker, etc. reduces its life span. Deposition of mineral in pipe lines also leads to cloging in pipes.In bathroom the white / yellowish coting on the tiles which is formed over time is water scaling . Scaling does nothing in health regard but it makes your bathroom looks rusty. Installing a good quality water descaling system like DivineWDSA can be a cure to it. No maintanence, No complex installation, No need to call plumber again and again .One time installation.

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