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The solutions to these problems is DIVINE Water Descaling System.

It work on microprocessor based device Divine water descaling system creates a frequency-modulated electromagnetic field inside the supply pipe. This field forces the dissolved calcium (magnesium) and bicarbonate ions to create the crystallizing nuclei of calcium (magnesium) carbonate in the bulk of the water. These micro-crystals continuously grow (the snowball effect) and they flow with the water in the form of suspended particles. Their size and shape is much different to those formed in untreated water, they don`t stick at the piping walls, heating elements of boilers or washing machines and they remain in suspension until discharged to drain.

As the by-products of the precipitation of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) from the solution of calcium bicarbonate (Ca(HCO3)2) in the water, the carbon dioxide is released into the water. Carbon dioxide dissolved in unsaturated water (with much lesser amount of dissolved calcium ions) allows dissolving and softening old scale layers in the pipes, heating elements, heat exchangers etc. Mechanical force of water flow accelerates this descaling process. The dissolving of old scale deposits requires the water flow through the pipes. If there is no flow, unsaturated water with carbon dioxide cannot dissolve existing scale.

"From this all results that after installation of Divine water descaling system in older water systems with scale deposits, the water from the tap may temporary contain even higher amount of calcium than untreated water. The time of descaling process depends on water usage (the higher usage, the faster scale removing). Usually this time is between one to six months.

Divine water descaling system do not removes the minerals from the water. Divine soft only changes their structure in order to prevent scale formation.

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